This project was started with the simple goal of offering opportunities for children of all walks of life.  We firmly believe that every child should have the opportunity to better their own life and during the process, positively impact the lives of those they encounter.

Togo Primary School Project

Our first large scale project is the construction of a Primary School in the Northern Region of Togo, West Africa.  The village primary school was built of mud and thatch which has sustained serious damage due to weather related erosion and lack of funds to repair or rebuild.  This project will consist of building a permanent concrete block school with 7 classrooms, an office, bathrooms, power and water.  Below are photos of their current facilities...visit our Media page to see updates on the progress of construction and other initiatives!

The country of Togo:

- one of the 10 poorest countries in the WORLD

- annual income is nearly $400 USD per capita

- a teacher earns $2,400 USD per year

The Village of Bogarè:

- one of the poorest villages in Togo

- no power within 6 miles 

- walk to school can be 5km or more

- access to clean water is more than 55 minute

walk for most villagers

The people and stories of the project in the Village of Bogarè, Togo

School Sustainability Initiatives

We are currently working on a number of initiatives that will increase the probability of success of the school and the students attending 


We are actively seeking a partner in the Solar Industry that would provide power for the first time to the village


We still have classrooms available for adoption, $3,000/year covers a teacher and supplies!


We have secured a sponsor that will be providing for a food program upon completion of the school


We are actively seeking a partner to provide for the construction of a well and water tower in the village


We have secured a sponsor to provide a package of home care items for each student attending the school 


We have the basics covered for an assembly space. Civic gatherings, soccer field, tennis courts, etc...