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Future Champions Foundation was started with the simple goal of offering opportunities for children through academics and athletics.  We firmly believe that every child should have the opportunity to better their own life and positively impact the lives of those they encounter.

Togo Primary School Project

This project started as the construction of a Primary School in the village of Bognarì in the Northern Region of Togo, West Africa.  The previous school was built of mud and thatch and sustained serious damage due to weather related erosion. Because of this damage, a new facility was desperately needed.  This project has consisted of building a permanent concrete block school with classrooms for grades 1-6, an office, library, two kindergarten classrooms and playground equipment.  


Construction of EPP Bognarì was completed in the fall of 2020 and the doors opened to students in October of that year.  Future Champions Foundation is now working on sustainability initiatives including building a water well among the priorities in capital improvements.  Day to day operations at the 535 student, public primary school cost approximately $70,000 per year including:

Food Program: $3,200/month

Teacher Salaries: $2,500/year, each (8 teachers)

School Supplies: $4,100/year

Sporting Programs: $2,700/year (soccer, tennis)

Student Uniforms: $4,300/year

Library Expenses: $800/year


The country of Togo:

- one of the 10 poorest countries in the WORLD

- annual income is nearly $400 USD per capita

- a teacher earns $2,500 USD per year

The Village of Bognarì:

- one of the poorest villages in Togo

- no power within 6 miles 

- walk to school can be 5km or more

- access to clean water is more than 65 minute

walk for most villagers


The people and stories of the project in the Village of Bognarì, Togo

Meet Miss Kami

Miss Kami is the School Director (Principal) who has worked for the Red Cross as a community organizer.  Her passion, experience and dedication to the village is the largest part of why Bogarè was chosen for this project.  She has managed to do amazing things without any resources.  She is seen here with our Founder, Adam Jasick in front of her home in the village.  

Meet NestorKossivi Lamadoku

As our eyes and ears on the ground in Togo, Nestor is the Director of the P2TP Suisse-Togo Foundation and Lumière Dans La Cite Foundation.  Nestor is an expert in planning and developing commercial structures.  He and his team have built 7 schools and is sustaining those schools with teachers and supplies.  He has also built and oversees a self-sustaining  women's rescue village.  The village takes in child brides, sex trafficking victims as well as prostitutes and provides them the lifeskill to return to their villages as productive members. 

Rebar Delivery!

Many of us take for granted the ability to open an app on our phone, visit a big box store and place an order to have delivered in the same day, we do things a little differently in Togo.  This deliveryman uses his 3 wheeled scooter to deliver rebar from more than 20 miles away.

Ceremonial Groundbreaking

A photo during our ceremonial groundbreaking.  From left to right, Nestor's Assistant, Armstrong (Translator), Miss Kami (Principal), Chief, Adam, Nestor (Project Manager), Village Elder, Chief, Chief.  There are 3 clans in the village, each has a chief and the village as a whole has an elder that is the most prominent.

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Field of Bricks

All of our bricks for this entire project are made entirely by hand.  This process is not only very physically demanding but also very tedious.  This is our first run of bricks that were made to be used in the foundation.  Each of these were made by hand and placed here to dry. 

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Meet Kodjo

Kodjo is our Construction Manager and Lead Mason.  He has the confidence of Nestor and I to execute the project with understanding and honesty.  He is not only very skilled but also very reliable in recruiting both skilled laborers and local men that are capable of helping out in some way.

The Land Grant

During our initial visit, the Village Elder granted us with approximately 18 acres of land to develop the school project.  The space is large enough for us to continue to develop other projects to support the growth of the village as needed. 

First Power

As we formalized plans to build in Togo, we also committed to including access to water and power on site.  At the beginning of 2019, we successfully negotiated to have high voltage lines run from the highway through the village.  This pole is on our property and will change education in the village for generations.

The Vision

We have a full set of construction plans for each of the buildings that will be constructed in this first phase of construction:

-offices & grades 1-6



It all starts with a strong foundation

The beginning of actual construction!  This is the basic footprint of our facility.  There are 6 classrooms and offices in the main building.  Bathrooms, a 2 room kindergarten and commissary are each separate structures.  This was a huge step in the process for us!

The Plans

Each of our buildings have been through the formal process in the region to have development approved.  These are our final plans for the offices and

grades 1-6 facility.  


Please note that the measurements are metric.

School Sustainability Initiatives

We are currently working on a number of initiatives that will increase the probability of success of the school and the students attending 


We are actively seeking a partner in the Solar Industry that would provide power for the first time to the village


We still have classrooms available for adoption, $3,000/year covers a teacher and supplies!


We have secured a sponsor that will be providing for a food program upon completion of the school


We are actively seeking a partner to provide for the construction of a well and water tower in the village


We have secured a sponsor to provide a package of home care items for each student attending the school 


We have the basics covered for an assembly space. Civic gatherings, soccer field, tennis courts, etc...

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